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  • The tokens will be distributed as Airdrop & Referral Program is %12 of all tokens (120.000.000)
  • 10.000.000 ETT will be distributed as Airdrop Equal to First 40.000 Distributer. Every distributer will get 250 ETT.
  • For distributing the airdrop participators need to join our telegram channels like and follor our social media accounts and share our pinned posts.
  • Everyone gets referral links and for every distributor users will get referral bonus.
  • Referring friends will get bonus but its not connected to airdrop if you have referral or not you will get your airdrop tokens if you filled the form correct and follow the instructions
  • Referral Bonuses is 50 Tokens Per Referral.
  • Airdrop & Referral Program distributors limited with 40.000
  • To join airdrop distributors need to join our telegram groups and stay there till the distribution.
  • To join airdrop distributors need to follow and like our twitter and facebook pages and need tos hare our pinned posts.
  • Every participators can bring maximum 100 Referrals more than 100 Referrals will not be counted.
  • Airdrop Tokens will be distributed 2 weeks after ICO. Estimated time is 2nd or 3rd week of July.
  • Forms will be checked one by one and who leave bour channels before distribution, who unfollow, unlike, cheats etc. will not get Airdrop Tokens.
  • If project will be unsuccesful and sofcap will not be reached airdrop tokens will not be distributed.
  • By distributing airdrop considered you agreed all airdrop rules&terms.

I understand the rules